What we do

KYSN is a youth focused training/capacity building and opportunity sharing center for the youth of Karachi.  Overwhelming? That’s how we felt too when we realized the magnitude of potential and talent our youngsters possessed but could not utilize. We organize a wide-spectrum of events, trainings, workshops and seminars. Customized capacity building sessions, interactive meet-and-greets, inspiring success-stories showcases and engaging job fairs, education fairs and bazaars are just the first step towards transforming the lives of these youngsters. KYSN also provides space for new ventures to launch themselves.

Why do we need your support?

Sustaining KYSN would mean:

  • Organizing events, sessions and trainings on a larger scale and with more frequency in order to benefit more youngsters
  • Incubating youth start-ups and providing business guidance
  • Increasing outreach and engaging a larger percentage of Karachi’s youth
  • Utilizing our database of opportunities to connect young people with relevant jobs, scholarships, educational avenues, talent utilization platforms and enhancing social responsibility & civic sense
  • Bringing young individuals from diverse backgrounds under one roof to exchange ideas, develop solutions and learn tolerance & acceptance


Every dollar you contribute will go a long way towards transforming the life of a young individual and creating more success stories.

Beyond money— we need your help spreading the word

At its heart, KYSN is a grassroots movement driven by youngsters and civil society who want to transform the future of the youth. Whether you donate to our campaign or not, you can still help make history.

Ways you can help:

  • Share this video and campaign
  • Spread the word about the #SustainKYSN movement on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Recruit a local group to spread the word and gather contributions
  • Volunteer your time and expertise for KYSN
  • Stay connected. Follow KYSN on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date on Sustain KYSN movement