If there is one thing we have in abundance, it is young people. Being a nation with a large portion of its population under the age of 25, we should be able to do wonders…and many of us are doing that but within our own little spaces. We stay isolated from each other’s accomplishments. Can you imagine what might happen if we converge all these opportunities and talents towards one hub? That’s the idea which ignited our minds and took the shape of KYSN – the first Youth Centre in Pakistan.

Today, we stand strong and proud in the face of all adversities with more than 1000 members registered on our portal. - KYSN

Against all odds and despite all warnings from our well-wishers (really), we decided to go ahead on a path completely unexplored – to create a facility for the youngsters of Karachi which provides them with a safe environment along with many domains to polish and enhance their talents.

So, have you experienced the awesomeness at KYSN yet? You can get a glimpse of it here

10 Commandments of KYSN

  1. Don’t just ring the bell and run. Come inside. We are Open for All!
  2. Meat, greet and ketchup with the entire K-youth.
  3. Say whatever is brewing in your head. Just put a spoonful of respect in your recipe.
  4. With your talent, set the stage on fire! Just don’t fry anyone’s brains.
  5. Don’t tell Newton but our books are anti-gravity. You won’t be able to put them down.
  6. Come to us if you’re pointless. We will fix your points in our Fixing Room – we call it Counseling Room to sound sophisticated.
  7. Respect the Wi-Fi. Don’t download movies. Someone somewhere is trying to upload a selfie and we all know what is more important.
  8. This is a Bully-Free Zone. Share your ideas, we promise not to laugh.
  9. Don’t get bored. Play Board Games in our Youth Café.
  10. Visit us over and over again. The KYSN Visa never expires.