Mentoring & Counseling

​​Today, majority of our youth remains clueless about their educational pursuits. They are exposed to only limited options and ​are ​unaware of the vast learning opportunities that exist for them. Students also face problems in deciding what education program to opt for, which college or university to choose and what career to adopt. This creates a lot of confusion in the minds of youngsters and they end up making wrong decisions about their future which further causes frustration for them.

KYSN, understanding this need of the youth, has taken the responsibility of directing the clueless youngsters to the right path. We ​conduct counselling sessions​ ​with qualified individuals and external experts, to provide our members academic guidance and capacity​-​building training​ sessions​.

Counseling Session with Team KYSN

KYSN member Rahima visited us for guidance regarding how to raise sponsorship for her study tour to the USA. The Education department held a meeting with her and guided her about the entire process. This is the true essence of KYSN where members feel free to walk in and share their concerns and problems.

Counseling Session with Team KYSN

Counseling Session with Mr Anees Hussain

KYSN organized a counseling session with Mr. Anees Hussain on May 27, 2015. Mr. Hussain gave an interactive presentation of 1.5 hours which was followed by ​ ​one-to-one counseling also. 26 students benefited from the session​, their queries were addressed by Mr. Hussain and their minds were put at ease as they ​​felt freed of their self-doubts

Counselling with Anees Hussain (2)  Counselling Session with Mr Anees Hussain

Mentoring by Team KYSN

Our KYSN member, Habib-uz-Zaman Khan took a counselling session to clear his mind of doubts about choosing the right career path. We also helped him in reconstructing his CV. In addition, he received guidance for appearing in the CSS examination.

Mentoring by Team KYSN  Mentoring by Team KYSN-2

Mentoring session on Event Management with members from Korangi

4 KYSN members, residents of Korangi, visited KYSN on (DATE) to get a better understanding for starting their own Event Management business. They had a lot of confusions about how startups work and were a bit afraid to face the challenges that an entrepreneur encounters. They were counselled y Team KYSN and were given all the relevant information which motivated them.

Mentoring session on Event Management with members from Korangi.  Mentoring session on Event Management with members from Korangi-2