I Am Karachi!

I Am Karachi is a collective campaign by the civil, business and philanthropic society wherein everyone endeavors to bring the long-lost and much desired “peace” back to Karachi.

iamkhi 2015
Every member of KYSN is instilled with the values that I am Karachi stands for because at the end of the day, we all are Karachi! - KYSN

Due to the troubles and turmoils that have touched Karachi in the past few decades, the hope of people has diminished, so has the pride and ownership that the people once used to take in this city of lights. I Am Karachi aims to rejuvenate that pride through constructive dialogue and social activism to subtract the negatives. Also it celebrates the talent, the heritage and all positives of this hub of Pakistan.

Karachi Youth Support Network and I Am Karachi share this passion of making Karachi a better place and thus work hand in hand as a power-packed duo.

How can you get involved?

  • Join the campaign, pledge your support for ‘I am Karachi’, spread the message
  • Become an activist for peace, volunteer for the cause, become an ambassador
  • Organize an event in the spirit of ‘I am Karachi’
  • Become a partner as part of the civil society
  • Support the campaign financially

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