We know, what's on your mind..

  • What is KYSN?

    Apart from being a hub of awesomeness, KYSN is the first Youth Centre in Pakistan. We do a lot of amazing things, but linking you with opportunities based on your skills is our foremost priority. You can read about our Facilities here.

  • How KYSN can benefit me?

    If you are a youngster in Karachi, we are not exaggerating when we say, we are here for You only. We not only identify opportunities for your learning, growth and development but also facilitate you in availing those opportunities. You can get an idea of what we do here.

  • I want to be a member of KYSN, what is the process?

    You just have to visit our office in Karachi and we will guide you through the membership process or call us at +92 21 111 000 765.

  • What is the use of being profiled?

    Don’t worry, we are not stalkers. Once we have your profile, we can identify your education, skills, employment history, talents, and interests and match them with opportunities that will aid you in your development.

  • Can I profile myself through phone?

    Trust us, you don’t want to do that. Our facility is too amazing to not visit! During the time your orientation and profiling is being done, you may take a look around our facility. And once you do, you would not want to leave!

  • What is the next stage after profiling?

    We will explore opportunities according to your interest and if we find a match, we will let you know. Make sure you answer your phone when KYSN’s calling!

  • Do you provide jobs or pay any stipend?

    Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a life time. So, no we don’t pay stipends or give jobs but we link you with opportunities which will benefit you throughout your life.

  • Do you provide funds for students?

    No, we do not provide funds. However, we will facilitate you in applying for existing scholarship programs.

  • Do you charge for internet cafe?

    Home is where free Wi-Fi is so no, we don’t charge.

  • Can we get a job in KYSN?

    Why not? We are always on a look out for talented and passionate people. But you will have to go through our recruitment process once we have any vacancy.

  • Can the KYSN team join us for our community events?

    We are social butterflies so yes, KYSN team members can join in your community events.

  • Can the KYSN team help us in arranging an event?

    Yes, we can provide you guidance in arranging your event.

  • Do you people charge?

    The services are free for all. However, we charge a very nominal fee for the training/workshops (that will vary from program to program).

  • How many branches of KYSN are there?

    Only one for now. But we have big dreams to make it a country wide phenomenon!