Recruitment Drive by Faisal Bin Badar

Recruitment Drive We believe in the holistic development of individuals. With all the artistic activities going on, we organized a recruitment drive with Mr. Faisal Bin Badar, Associate Dean of NUST University. He runs a Training and Consultancy Company called FB Badar for which he needed to hire Business Development ... More


Dreams have no boundaries; who would have thought just months after launching, we would create one of our biggest success stories to date in the form of Engro Food’s Mabrook in which they planned to open milk shops throughout the country. To hunt for people who will be managing the Mabrook Milk Shop, Engro Foods ... More

The October excitement continued at KYSN, with the mega hit musical event- Funkaari which was attended by 70 participants from different organizations

Funkaari-A Musical Evening

The October excitement continued at KYSN, with the mega hit musical event- Funkaari which was attended by 70 participants from different organizations. We take pride in not only showcasing the raw talent but also grooming them and that is what we did in the rehearsals which were carried out before the event. ... More

Lyari’s Got Talent Auditions

Lyari's Got Talent Auditions In the spirit of celebrating Autumn, October at KYSN ​was a time of music, art and festivities. More than 200 young and budding singers, drummers, dancers and theatre artists​ jazzed up the ​atmosphere with their energy, passion and exuberance. For two days, KYSN was transformed into ... More

The Flight

The Flight

The Flight . It was the bright sunny morning of 26th August, 2014 when we opened the doors of KYSN. A star-studded event with all the guests appreciating our efforts, gave us a big boost to carry on with our endeavor. More

Before it all began…

Before it all began Plans, ideas, propositions, arguments, strategies, targets, did we mention arguments? This is what our life was all about for seven months starting from February 2013. For we wanted the best of everything – and the best we got! Countless cups of teas, innumerable hours of planning and unwavering ... More