Welcome to Karachi Youth Support Network

Karachi Youth Support Network (KYSN) is a ray of hope for the youngsters whose talent goes untapped due to numerous hardships. We not only link them with opportunities but also provide them with guidance to achieve their dreams.

Today, we have officially taken flight and are soaring high towards our goal. The flock keeps getting stronger as we get joined by one partner after another!


Here’s a sneak peek into the newfangled youth café; one of its kind! Grab a book or bring your own, prove your mettle in Table Tennis or Foosball, establish your mental prowess in Scrabble, Chess and other board games, or just sit back, have a cup of tea and indulge in profound conversations.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

The dearth of talent is not as unfortunate as the waste of one. The lack of a meaningful connection between the seekers and the providers has created a void in our society - one that we, at SoL have long dreamt to fill. The idea to channel the immense potential of our youth towards the right direction, where they are given space to break free and explore themselves has led to the foundation of KYSN; a long-held dream of School of Leadership. I envision KYSN to play the role of an enabler of care, conversation, connection & contribution. - Umair Jaliawala (CEO, School of Leadership)

Over 7000 members and growing